Transportation and Parking

Updated June 24, 2020

Planning is currently underway to optimize parking availability and safety practices for public transit for the fall. Efforts have included collaboration with campus representatives from the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT) and others within the community to understand and support changes to commuter populations, including teleworking and hybrid learning schedules and to mitigate impacts related to transit capacity reductions associated with physical distancing.

Transportation and Parking is taking measures to provide customer service approaches that incorporate community standards including online parking registration, virtual permits, mobile technology for daily/hourly parking options, and limited requirements for in-person office visits. Additionally, Transportation and Parking is providing increased on-campus parking options that take into consideration teleworking and hybrid class schedules.

Updated information about summer parking regulations and fall parking and transportation will be available on the UNC Transportation and Parking website.

Local and regional transit providers have implemented safety precautions that include:

  • Mask required (posted in vehicles),
  • Mask and hand sanitizer available in vehicle (when needed)
  • Limit passengers based on vehicle size (10 per bus on standard size)
  • Separate driver and passenger(s)
  • Rear-door boarding where possible
  • Mark seating (6-feet)
  • Route consolidation with additional buses to accommodate demand, and
  • Increased sanitation of vehicles

See agency websites for specific measures incorporated for the agency.

June 1 – July 31:

  • Parking will remain available in lots throughout campus for employees and students. Permit and hourly fees for students, employees, and daily visitors will not be charged through this period when parking regulations are not in effect. Fire lanes and reserved spaces, including accessibility spaces, are not available for parking without the appropriate credential.
  • Transit Services (Operating with Social Distancing) ​

August 1