Return to Campus after International Travel FAQs

Am I required to receive an FDA/WHO approved vaccine prior to my return to campus?

Getting your COVID-19 vaccine is the best way you can contribute to a typical, in-person experience at Carolina this fall and to prevent the spread of the virus.  However, vaccines are not required to enter campus. Regardless of vaccination status all students are required to complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Certification form. Under the Student Honor Code, you are expected to provide truthful information on your vaccination status, dates, and documentation.

Students are not required to test prior to returning to campus.

Do I need to test after arriving to campus after international travel before checking into the residence halls?

All unvaccinated students must test within 24 hours of arrival. Testing can be done at one of the Carolina Together Testing Program sites or other community medical facilities.

Do I need to test after arriving to the Chapel Hill area, before moving into my off-campus location?

Unvaccinated students will need to test on arrival to campus at the Carolina Together Testing Program testing site.

If I am traveling to campus from an international location or from out of state, am I required to quarantine upon arrival?

Individuals are not required to quarantine after travel, but all members of the Carolina community are encouraged to self-monitor and seek medical attention as needed.

Unvaccinated travelers should limit unnecessary interactions with others for 7 days after travel.  Limit unnecessary interactions means staying in your residence as much as possible, but you may leave to attend class, purchase, and pick-up meals, and/or if you require medical attention.

I would like to get a COVID-19 Vaccine when I arrive to campus, how do I get one?

The Carolina Vaccine Clinic is located on the top floor of Student Stores in the Student Stores Pharmacy.  Please contact Campus Health at 919.966.2281 with any specific questions you have about vaccines or the vaccination process.