On Campus

Classroom Spaces

What should I do before coming to campus?

Self-check for symptoms before leaving home. Use this symptom list and if you feel sick, contact Campus Health or your primary care provider and follow their instructions.

Members of the UNC community are expected to participate in the Carolina Together Testing Program.

What is being done to keep classrooms safe?

Facility Services has posted a comprehensive guide to classroom spaces:

  • Lobbies, corridors and entries are marked “one-way only” where feasible. Look for wayfinding signs that will help direct traffic flow.
  • In accordance with the COVID-19 Community Standards, masks must be worn in all classroom settings.
  • Keep your mask on at all times while in the classroom. Refusal to wear a mask will result in a report submitted to the Office of Student Conduct.
  • When indoors, all individuals must wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of physical distancing in accordance with the COVID-19 Community Standards
  • The HallPass web-based application provides ONYEN-based information about how to safely access classrooms by class schedule.

Any students or student organization that are reportedly not in compliance with the  COVID-19 Community Standards may be subject to an administrative review process with disciplinary action up to and including disenrollment from the University.

Carolina Together Ambassadors will be outside certain academic buildings to assist with traffic flow and help direct students to their classrooms.


Will dining facilities be different in Fall 2021?

We have reintroduced more seating into dining operations at the Beach Café and Lenoir Hall in compliance with the Governor’s executive order on indoor dining and guidance from campus health and medical experts.

For Fall 2021, we plan on a return to near normal seating capacity while maintaining outside seating areas and mobile food ordering and delivery. We will continue to follow the COVID-19 Community Standards, including the community standard on mask wearing.

You may locate all dining location on the UNC campus map.


UNC Libraries

What do I need to know about Campus Libraries for Summer 2021?

Designated areas in Davis Library and the Health Sciences Library are open for use.

For more information about campus libraries’ current operations, visit the Summer 2021 page.

Students studying in the Carolina Union, Davis Library, Health Sciences Library, or elsewhere on campus should continue to comply with the COVID-19 Community Standards and facility-specific rules. 

  • Housekeeping staff will perform regular cleanings and stock adequate CPE in buildings and rooms, including disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in each classroom’s sanitation station. Signage posted in the building and room will remind students of the COVID-19 Community Standards.

 Students will be asked to continue:

  • Wearing a mask at all times when inside the building, including in both Quiet Study Areas and Learning Areas.
  • Wiping down their stations with disinfectant.
  • Maintaining 6 feet of physical distance from others.
  • Refraining from modifying classroom furniture layouts.
  • Staying home if they are having symptoms, have been exposed to COVID-19, are awaiting test results, or have been given instructions to self-quarantine or self-isolate by their medical provider.
  • Respecting reduced room occupancy limits.
  • Leaving classrooms and buildings when the building closes.

Greek Life

How will fraternity and sorority life be affected?

Guidance for members of sororities and fraternities may be found on the Fraternity and Sorority Life page on the Carolina Union site.

Carolina Housing

What do I need to know about Carolina Housing this summer?

The latest information about Carolina Housing may be found on this Carolina Housing page.

Will I need to make an appointment to move into my residence hall in Fall 2021?

Yes, all residents are required to pre-schedule the date and time of their arrival.

Can I bring people to help me move into my room in the fall?

Yes. To assist with the unloading process, residents are permitted to bring move-in helpers. We encourage residents to minimize the number of helpers and encourage helpers to leave the building as soon as the unloading and set-up are complete.

What else is being done to assure the safety of our students and staff in residence halls?

Getting your COVID-19 vaccine is the best way you can contribute to a typical, in-person experience at Carolina this fall and to prevent the spread of the virus. Prior to coming to campus, you should complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Certification in ConnectCarolina. Under the Student Honor Code, you are expected to provide truthful information on your vaccination status and date.

The University plans to use your vaccination status to determine participation in the Carolina Together Testing Program, including requirements for re-entry testing prior to move-in and for regular monitoring tests.

Before coming to campus for move-in, all residents and their move-in helpers should check for symptoms using the COVID-19 screening checklist. Anyone who has COVID-19, who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptom(s), or who is unvaccinated and a close contact of a positive person should not come to campus and should consult their health care provider.

Will common areas be open for resident and move-in helpers?

Restrooms and other common areas in the residence halls will be open for resident and move-in helpers as long as mask requirements, physical distancing, posted occupancy limits, and other rules are followed. Some of the current protocols are as follows:

  • Elevators will operate at normal capacity limits unless otherwise indicated by signage in the elevator. Residents and move-in helpers who are able to use the stairs are encouraged to do so (especially to access lower floors).
  • Water fountains, ice machines, vending machines, and water bottle refill stations will operate as normal.

Are masks required in residence hall rooms/suites/apartments?

Residents and move-in helpers will be required to wear a covering/mask any time they are in the common areas of the building (in restrooms, lobbies, elevators, stairwells, during the check-in process, and while they bring belongings into the resident’s room/suite/apartment). Residents and move-in helpers will not be required to wear a covering/mask once they enter the student’s residence hall room/suite/apartment.

For more information about move-in and housing operations for Fall 2021, visit Carolina Housing.


UNC Campus Recreation

What do I need know before going to Campus Rec to workout?

Campus Rec’s Associate Director of Facilities and Operations Reggie Hinton is here to walk you through what you need to know before heading to a facility this spring.

I am in quarantine or isolation. What resources are available for me?

UNC Healthy Heels has created a list of wellness activities and resources for those in quarantine and anyone who wants to participate in activities remotely. There are weekly activities all semester that are available virtually and on-demand.

Off-Campus Living


How can I stay healthy if I live off-campus?

Check out the Healthy Heels guidelines for tips about living safely off-campus and with roommates.

Events and Gatherings

Image of 5 people standing together.

Can I hold an event or gathering on-campus?

All students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus are expected to know and follow the COVID-19 Community Standards, including the standard to Comply with the University’s Events and Gatherings Limits.

As noted in the standard, all gatherings or events on campus, formal or informal, may not exceed 100 people indoors or 200 people outdoors regardless of location, unless otherwise provided. Even within these limits, you must wear a mask and comply with physical distancing standards.

The limit of 100 people indoors or 200 people outdoors for gatherings or events does not apply to classrooms or other campus spaces when used for instructional purposes, research or administrative functions. Seating restrictions and other space modifications have been implemented to reduce building occupancy and promote physical distancing.

Any request for an exception to the size limit on gatherings must be approved, in advance, by the Provost or designee. Any request for an exception must include a description of the proposed gathering or event and include a plan for enforcing mask and physical distancing requirements.

The request must be submitted by and have the approval of the senior-level administrator of the unit (e.g. Dean, Director, Vice Chancellor) requesting the exception. Only University entities and units may apply for exceptions at this time. Registered student organizations must submit a Plan for Meeting Community Standards at University Affiliates’ Events. For more information, visit the section on Events and Gatherings on the Carolina Together website.

Can I hold an event or gathering off-campus?

All participants in any off-campus gathering that includes members outside of your household, regardless of size, should wear a mask and remain six feet apart.

All students, staff and faculty are expected to comply with state and local restrictions for events and gatherings occurring off-campus and should comply with any other local restrictions for events occurring in different counties. Continuously updated information on state and local restrictions is available on the North Carolina and Orange County websites.

The State of North Carolina and Orange County have issued a series of public health orders throughout the pandemic limiting the size of indoor and outdoor gatherings. These orders are subject to frequent change. Students, student organizations, staff and faculty are responsible for being aware and understanding the current limits.

Community Standards Conduct Summary

Image of 5 people standing together.

Community Standards Conduct Summary

The University is sharing key data on a quarterly basis that summarizes our community standards referrals for violations and outcomes. We will do this in a way that balances our desire for transparency with ensuring that individuals’ privacy rights aren’t compromised.

Summer Classes

Will there be classes on campus this summer?

There will be classes on campus this summer, but activity will continue to be at a reduced level.  The Carolina Together Testing Program has been crucial to our successful spring semester, and we will continue to have mandated testing protocols in place for the summer:  

  • Undergraduate students living on-campus will be required to test two times per week  
  • Undergraduate students taking in-person summer classes will be required to test one time per week  
  • Graduate and professional students taking or instructing in-person summer classes will be required to test one time per week 
  • The program will remain available for all faculty, staff and students for voluntary testing 

Learn more on the Carolina Together Testing Program page.


Summer camps and programs

Will there be summer camps and programs on campus?

Yes, there will be summer camps and programs on campus this summer, but activity will continue to be at a reduced level. All summer programs or camps, regardless of whether they are overnight, residential or day camps or programs, are required to collect prior-to-arrival test results from all participants. The prior-to-arrival test must be a negative PCR result taken within 72 hours of the start of the camp or program: 

  • Proof of vaccination will not exempt someone from testing
  • A test is not required if the individual can prove they tested positive within the previous 90 days 
  • Individuals will not be able to participate if they test positive within 14 days prior to the start of the program, even if they have been vaccinated.

In addition, overnight or residential programs are limited to participants 18 years old or over. Day camps or programs with participants 17 years old and under will be allowed on-campus provided they comply with the COVID-19 Community Standards and collect prior-to-arrival test results. 



Hosting a summer camp or program

What if my organization is interested in hosting a summer camp or program?

If you or your organization is interested in hosting a summer camp or program, you must submit a form to the Office of the Provost addressing safety measures, including the following: 

  • Required negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to the start of the camp or program.
  • Mask wearing
  • Physical distancing
  • Other safety protocols (i.e., daily health screenings, temperature checks, etc.) 
  • Housing
  • Dining
  • Quarantine and isolation procedure