Introduction Carolina's Roadmap for Fall 2020

Carolina’s competitive advantage will always be our people and our community coming together to learn, grow and support one another.  

Our campus pulled together through the uncertainty of the spring, and now we must turn our attention to a fall semester that will be like no other in our history, and another opportunity to rise above the challenges. The best Carolina experience is one that occurs here on campus where that is all possible.  

As we contemplate our path forward for returning to on campus operations, we do so recognizing that we are still learning about this virus. Predicting with certainty where we will be in August through December is impossible. We have already heard from many students, faculty, and staff that they want to return to campus, and from others who are understandably reluctant. We assure you that Carolina’s Roadmap for Fall 2020 (the “Roadmap”) places the safety and well-being of our campus community paramount to all other considerations, and we will be as flexible as our guidance allows with those who may need to teach, work or learn away from campus.  

This Roadmap presents a phased plan for return to campus in the safest and most responsible way possible, balancing the needs of each campus unit with community wellbeing and individual autonomy. During this pandemic, we must all prepare for some inconveniences and adopt community standards and behaviors that will help ensure a safe Carolina campus. 

Ultimately planning for the fall requires us to be innovative, just as we were compassionate and nimble this past spring. This Roadmap is a living document that will be updated throughout summer 2020 as new information becomes available based on prevailing guidance from UNC-Chapel Hill’s world-class infectious disease and public health experts, state and local health officials, and the UNC System. The University will update this site as new details are available.

There is a lot on the minds of our campus community members, and we will do everything possible to continue providing answers to the many questions we receive over the next few months. During this time, we must adopt community standards and behaviors that will help promote a healthy Carolina campus and be prepared for some inconveniences and uncertainty along the way. We hope that you will join us in accepting this important responsibility of building our community together as we carry out the mission of our great university.