Covid-19 Vaccine

What is the Carolina Vaccine Clinic?

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Who: UNC-CH undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty/staff and family/household members of UNC-CH affiliates aged 12 years and over can be vaccinated at the Carolina Vaccination Clinic. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for consent purposes*.

Where: Vaccines are offered at Student Stores Pharmacy on the top floor of UNC Student Stores.

When: Plan for the visit to take up to 45 minutes. The person being vaccinated will need to remain on-site for the entirety of your appointment including an observation period. When you book your appointment, avoid conflicts with classes, exams, or work. For students – we are asking faculty to be flexible about class absences related to vaccination appointments; however, Campus Health will not be providing excused absence forms for your appointment.

Carolina affiliated walk-ins are accepted with ONYEN, password and insurance card. Family/household members, please bring insurance card, if you have one, to walk-in appointments.

Cost: There will be no out-of-pocket cost to those who receive a vaccine. Bring your insurance card; your insurance will cover administrative costs.

Transportation: UNC Student Stores offers ease in access through a range of transportation options.

  • Convenient for bike riders and pedestrians on campus
  • Ten reserved parking spots on Stadium Drive, overflow parking in Rams Head Parking Deck (validation provided at vaccination site)
  • Town and regional bus transit stops are located immediately adjacent to the vaccination site including Chapel Hill Transit Routes U, A, FCX, S, and GoTriangle Routes 800, 800S, 805, CRX.

More Details: Please reach out to Campus Health at 919-966-2281 if you have a history of severe allergic reactions or if you have questions about COVID-19 vaccines or the Carolina Student Vaccination Clinics.

All students and employees may sign up for on-campus vaccination appointments at

*17 year olds who are enrolled UNC students may be vaccinated without their parent or guardian present.

Is the University requiring students, faculty and staff receive the vaccine?

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The vaccine is not a requirement at this time, but we encourage members of our campus community who are eligible to receive it. Being vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and others from the virus and return to many activities. We continue to urge you to get vaccinated as soon as you can and report it using the COVID-19 Vaccination Certification.

What happens once I receive my vaccine?

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Congratulations and thanks for doing your part to protect yourself and others. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to let Carolina know they have received one or both does of an FDA-authorized vaccine using the COVID-19 Vaccine Certification.


More Information about COVID-19 Vaccines 

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Vaccine Clinic Volunteer Opportunities 


How do I make an appointment for a vaccine?

Vaccination reservations on-campus are available for students, post-doctoral fellows and employees, as well as family/household members 12 years and older at

You may also find off-campus appointments by visiting the CDC Vaccine website.

What’s the Difference Between FDA Emergency Use Authorization and FDA Approval?


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In a public health emergency, manufacturing and approval of vaccines can be streamlined through an Emergency Use Authorization or EUA. An EUA does not affect vaccine safety, because it does not impact development, such as research, clinical studies and the studying of side effects and adverse reactions. Instead, it speeds up manufacturing and administrative processes. All vaccines follow the same testing processes, whether they are authorized for emergency use or through a typical license. If the benefits outweigh any possible risks of the vaccine and manufacturing quality can be ensured, the FDA will authorize the vaccine for emergency use. Emergency use authorizations are an important part in addressing public health emergencies and ending the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, visit

Which members of the Carolina community are eligible to receive the vaccine?

Updated May 13

All individuals 12 years and older in North Carolina are eligible for the vaccine.

Will I have to pay for the vaccine?

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There will be no out-of-pocket cost to those who receive a vaccine. Bring your insurance card; your insurance will cover administrative costs.

Where will I go to receive my vaccine?

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Vaccination reservations on campus are available for students, post-doctoral fellows and employees at

You may also find off-campus appointments by visiting the CDC Vaccine website.

If you are in Orange County, your vaccine may be administered at UNC HealthUNC Hospitals in Hillsborough or through one of the community points of distribution that are in Orange County.

If you receive a vaccine that requires two doses, such as the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, you will need to receive your second dose at the same location as the first dose.