Student Acknowledgement of Community Standards

Dear Carolina students,

We look forward to welcoming you to the start of the fall semester, whether you will be joining us on-campus or you have chosen to enroll in a schedule of remote courses. On campus and off, all members of our community must do their part to help foster a healthy campus environment.

Carolina Together, our Roadmap for the fall semester, communicates these steps with clear Community Standards and University Guidelines setting forth the measures individuals on our campus must take to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. It is essential for students to understand their role in contributing to a safe and healthy environment.

To promote the values of public health and mutual respect among campus community members, the University requires all students to acknowledge that they will abide by the public health guidelines and the University’s COVID-19 Community Standards and University Guidelines as a condition of enrollment for the Fall 2020 semester. All students, regardless of the mode of instruction, must complete the acknowledgement as a condition of enrollment.

You can fulfill this requirement by logging into ConnectCarolina and proceeding through the COVID-19 Notice and Student Acknowledgement. To complete the requirement, you must read the University guidelines on face masks, physical distancing and health monitoring included on the page.

You must fulfill this requirement by Monday, July 27 in order to attend classes this fall.

Carolina is a place where we care for one another. Although the risk of COVID-19 cannot be eliminated from campus, our collective commitment to consistently embracing and practicing these Community Standards and University Guidelines is how we can work together to help promote a safe and healthy campus for everyone.

Kevin Guskiewicz

Bob Blouin

Jonathan Sauls
Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs